Marriage Success Stories of Couples Who have Overcome Porn Addiction

Pornography and sex addiction are both terrible burdens on a relationship. Trust is broken, feelings of betrayal abound, and it feels like the world is slipping out from under you. There is hope. It is possible for a couple to recover from addiction.

The first step towards healing is to fully acknowledge the problem and any false beliefs. Pornography addiction is a type of obsessive-compulsive cycle. This compulsion is often reinforced by several false beliefs. One false belief is that the addicted member is basically a bad, unworthy person, rather than just someone who has made mistakes. Another is that no one can love the addicted person as they are. It is also common for addicts to believe that their needs will not be met if they have to depend on others, and that sex is their most important need.  Acknowledging these beliefs makes it possible to over come them.

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Desert Solace – Addicition Treatment Program

Desert Solace Addicition Treatment Program Philosophy:

Desert Solace will provide intensive residential treatment for adult male clients who suffer from addiction to pornography and other sexual behaviors through the use of a holistic, task-oriented approach.  Focused intensive treatment in a residential treatment program has been found to be a very successful method of initial treatment of addictive disorders.

Desert Solace will help men into recovery from sex addiction by progressing through the us  Desert Solacee of therapy, education, program structure and other experiential therapeutic interventions.  Through research and clinical use, the task-centered approach has been shown to be very effective in assisting those who are addicted toward lives of recovery.

Desert Solace
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